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Desk Driver "Makers Kit" - Black/Red - PETG

Desk Driver "Makers Kit" - Black/Red - PETG

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Designed in Fusion360, 3d printed, and assembled by me in Denver, Colorado.

Desk kit contents:

  • Full size Driver 1/4 (just under 3.5 inches )
  • Mid-Size Driver 1/4 
  • Desk organizer
  • Short WIHA bit set (T6,T8,T10,T15)
  • Long WIHA but set (T6,T8,T10,T15)

The drivers are PETG and PETG-CF printed on a Bambu X1 Carbon

Both drivers have a press fit magnet pack in the 1/4 hex socket. The driver is designed for a "very close to snug" to "snug" fit to reduce wobble of the bit.

The Desk Driver's contains sealed VXB bearing. You cannot change the bearings without harming the driver. The bearing is press fit onto the driver's stem and into the head

These are light use tools for working with knives, electronics and other small items. Some might enjoy the fidget factor of the driver's head. I originally designed this for my own use, and really had fun iterating on the design. This design is based on the mini driver design.

The desk organizer is also 3d printed and has magnets pressed into the bit locations to keep them in place. The organizer is PETG-CF + PETG. There are 10 1/4 hex slots with magnets in the base. 

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